22 22 22 22 22 22 22

I liked this age ! :)
I'm 22 :) 


I'll upload photos later..

love you babies!
 and love my little macaron cake! :)


♥My little tattoo♥

Actually, I decided for this little heart ♥ two months ago,but you know ,everything is not immediately :p
Finally I have it ♥ ,I love this tattoothat on my carpus so much,it is my second tattoo..
I'm thinking third, in these days :)     
It'll be about my mom and my little sister..maybe on september or october..

plans plans plans :) 

        what a bad pose ? my face :)


   Be careful baby..it is Queen ring..RING OF THE NAKED QUEEN ahahaaa :)

   you saw this shoes(F-TROUPE from ASOS) 
   Bebe clutch for night but ı'm using it everytime,I like using clutch in these days
   Short from H&M
   %100 organic t-shirt from Zara man
    rings from taksim
    necklace from Topshop
    and my lovely vintage sunglasses..