I love this song so much ,I love rihanna..  She is best! 
            Her style ,songs, especially her voice, tattoos :)
              Her new album is great, everysong! but this is special I don't know why :) 
              maybe its name;skin.. maybe melody ..  

                   No heels,No shirt,No skirt,
                   All I'm in is just skin.
                   No jeans,Take em off,
                   Wanna feel your skin.
                    You a beast, oh.
                    You know that I like that.

                    Come here baby,
                    All I wanna see you in is just skin.

   tight-pant from massimo dutti
   t-shirt from 5preview
   ring from asos
   gold watch from guess
   necklace from topshop


where is the devil?

                      Last night;I watched The Rite with Antony Hopkins (he is great actor)
                                 And I'm still thinking the devil..Believe or not..
                                    I believe in god,sometimes not..But devil? 
                                                    Do you believe? 


rings from topshop
pants from zara
t-shirt from ginatricot