Actually ı dont like giving a pose so I cant :) How ı did them ? I dont remember:)
                  I'm so bored in these days ,I wanna walk anymore,I don't wanna wait..
                   But what we do? we will be positive everytime whatever happen! 
                                  We wanna salt and tequila if life gives lemons to us :)) 
                                                 hahhaaa I love this sentence so much !
                                     MUST BE POSITIVE BABY MUST BE POSITIVE ;)

This pose's name is 'cute girl pose' :)

girl who escaped from the water :) its me

happy girl;)

hide and seek ! let's find me :)

water stop !

 I was thinking in this photo 'where is my prince' :)

dress from zara
glasses vintage


summer! where are you baby?

                            Come on summer,we are waiting for you but you are not here :(
                        These photos from last summer..Come on summer ,if you dont come 
                         I'll write a song for you :) like this; ' summer summer.. dont hide.. miss you
                         come on come on come on' hahaaa  I'll never try again,
                            promise ;) 

And this is my beach bag :p from oysho



      This post's name is 'broken leg's post' :) because ı still cant walk ,so ı cant weigh on my foot :(
 after 10 or 20 days I'll walk .... 
in this photo ;I didnt weigh on my foot :) 
but I can do everything for photo and post..
Now ı just have 3 followers but I'm patient ..

leopard tigth from ZARA
sleepband from ACCESSORİZE
t-shirt from GAP